A short film developed with West Pacific Islanders and African Youth, aimed at showcasing their culture and talents on a creative platform.

A dispirited young cleaner with aspirations of becoming a rapper finds a flyer for a talent show during work one day. He wants to pursue his dream but first needs to confront the doubts and fears that are in his way.

The film includes spoken word and rap, and explores themes of sacrifice and determination.

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  • Director: Mark Hellinger
  • Producer: Ez Eldin Deng 
  • Cinematographer: Roderick Th’ng 
  • Camera Assistant: James Bentley 
  • Gaffer: Alexander Wilson  
  • Sound Recordist: Artie Blakeley 
  • Art Department: Linda Kabasha  
  • Colourist: Nick Hower  
  • Sound mix: Artie Blakeley
  • “An Unexpected Variable” Written and Performed by Nomad
  • Spoken word piece Written by Akwal Magek Performed by Medi Karamagi
  • Story by: Damon Paraha, Medi Karamagi, Filip Paina Crichton. Amy Crichton,  Linda Kabasha, Dennis Pennalligen, Martha Metuisela, Akwal Magek, EZ Eldin Deng, Mark Hellinger