Sri Lankan survivors of the 2004 boxing day Tsunami reflect on the event, impact, and aftermath of the tragedy.

Filmed in Sri Lanka “After the Tsunami” shows three characters lived before, during, and after the boxing day Tsunami. The three characters have had different experiences post the Tsunami. 

One lost his job and is now working on the streets, one was a child at the time and is still haunted by the tsunami, and one rebuilt his business after the tsunami. 

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Director’s Statement

At a train station in Galle, Sri Lanka, I met a man with a walking stick and limp who told me he was celebrating his anniversary. He told me it was the anniversary of the boxing day tsunami that changed his life forever. He described in detail what happened that day when the tsunami went through the small fishing village he comes from. His story touched me and I decided I wanted to know more about the plight of Sri Lankan tsunami survivors.

So I started asking people I got to know about the fateful day and how their lives changed, all the stories were equally compelling, so I got my camera and started documenting these stories. ‘After the Tsunami’ was born out of my curiosity to find out about the resilience of a group of people who continued to smile after the tragedy happened.